Age: 22

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Hera is an assassin belonging to the infamous Scarlet Guild, a secretive organization comprised of elite female assassins. Equipped with a pair of curved daggers, she prefers to lure in her victims with skillful deceit and seduction before ending their lives. Hera is stubborn, unyielding and resilient – and will stop at nothing to achieve her mission.


Age: 20

Alignment: Neutral Good

A rare sight among the human population in Creyford, Miel is an young elf who makes a living in the dark alleyways selling her body to strangers who would trade pennies for her services. Orphaned at birth, she has struggled to maintain her social standing in a city that is heavily prejudiced against citizens of the elven race. Miel has a gentle, timid nature, yet often finding herself unable to reject the sadistic requests from her customers.


Age: 18

Alignment: Lawful Good

Amie is a priestess of Sariel, a dwindling human religion on the brink of collapse. She is a victim of the Great Fire, a catastrophic fire that took place a few years ago that claimed her family’s lives and burned down much of the church’s infrastructure, leaving her as the sole
survivor and the last remaining priestess in her church. Despite all odds, she is determined to embrace her heritage and restore her church to its former glory.


Age: 18

Alignment: Neutral Good

Sophie is a young, naive farm girl who works at her parent’s farmhouse in the countryside. Both her parents had passed away recently, leaving her as the sole caretaker of the farm. As a result of being raised in the countryside away from the busy hustle of the city, she has maintained her cheerful personality, and an eagerness to treat every stranger she meets as a friend.


Age: 25

Alignment: Neutral Evil

A high-class courtesan at the most exclusive brothel in Creyford. An arrogant, self-assured woman, she takes great pride in her attractive figure and her status as one of the highest earning workers in the brothel. Preferring to offer her services to her “elite” clientele such as aristocrats and rich merchants, she sniffs at ordinary citizens who cannot afford to buy her services, regarding them as mere peasants and uncivilized men.