Age: 22

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Cassandra is the charismatic leader of the Forest Bandits, a group of rogue bandits who wander in the wilderness forest pillaging unsuspecting travelers.

She is ruthless, cruel, and takes pleasure in the suffering of her enemies, prefering to torture them before killing them with a final blow.


Age: 26

Alignment: Lawful Good

An elven woman from the Northern Lands. Not much is known about her past, except that she was captured by bandits to be sold as slaves to humans in the city.

After escaping from her captors, she is determined to find her younger elven brother, whom she believes is still being kept alive.


Age: 40

Alignment: True Neutral

The mature wife of a middling city merchant, Lucia spent her time tending to her husband’s fruit stall in Creyford’s bustling marketplace.

While seemingly dissatisfied with her husband’s incompetence, she values their relationship and is more than willing to make sacrafices for her partner.